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Milford Scenic Flights.

Now. I like flying. Helicopters, light planes, commercial airliners, drones, the lot. I love looking down on the world and just having that perspective that you can only get from the air. Nothing really compares. I also like mountains, like alot. I also really like snow. So when I was planning my trip to New Zealand I thought to myself "Let's take Emma on a plane to Milford Sound as her birthday present". Thankfully she enjoyed her surprise birthday present just as much as I did. You've done well Alek. 

So lets cut to the chase, you're in one of the most beautiful cities in the world (as far as my 18 year old self is concerned) you take off in a 7 seat plane and head straight to the mountains on the first clear days in 4 days. The cold and rain of the last 4 days have brought with them the first snow of the season. As you move further away from town you see higher peaks, more snow and alot more turbulence jolts the tiny plane. But as your wingtips come ridiculously close the mountains (seriously though, we got super close) you get lost in it all and realise where you are. Anyway, this is the 70 minute return flight through my lens. Enjoy!

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