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Dubai. What can I say. In my short 36 hours in Dubai I somehow managed to add another city to my list of countries I must visit again. The charm of the old city, much newer than most things across the ditch in Europe but nonetheless older than the strip of high rises across the creek. With Dubai being a Muslim country, it's people devote their commitment to their religion at numerous times through out the day. Being in streets during these times is quite an eerie experience as the city is almost derelict as prayers were made in the cities Mosques. The bustling main roads were emptied in a few short moments.

Dubai is known for it's wealth, fast cars and equally fast construction of some of the tallest buildings in the world. A large part of Dubai that, until arriving here I didn't know about is their large influence of goods through Europe/Asia. I absolutely love walking through non-tourist areas like these.

There is a blanket that suffocates the City that looks like a thick smog but in actual fact is dust and sand swept off the nearby deserts that border the city. 

This sand and dust is blown off the deserts, which in some cases are less than 30 minutes drive from the bustling city. Slowly the highways pass through the sites of the futuristic establishments, past the villages and into the depth of the desert, surrounded by the finest grains of sand i've ever seen as far as the eye can see.

There's 2 genuine modes of transport in the desert. An old land cruiser or a Camel. I opted for the 4 wheeled options, in saying that I did ride a camel that night and then proceeded to eat the meet of what I assume to be its friend. 

The sand in the desert is so fine that it finds it's way into anything and everything and trust me when I say it goes EVERYWHERE, please just take my word for it.

As the sun set we made our way to the camp for dinner. A falcon display showcasing the true power and agility of the small birds made it clear why they were so widely used and respected by the Emirati people. Traditional Arabic food went down a treat, a cuisine that I could get used to eating more often, Adham Ghazzaoui i'm looking at you!

As the sun set, my short stay in Dubai was brought to a close. In an extremely short period of time, Dubai has become one of my favourite places in the world and one that I will definitely be returning to. 

A huge thanks goes to these two. My grandparents, Lil and Pete. Not only did they make Dubai possible, they made our whole month away possible. I can't express in words how grateful I am for this experience. I love you both.

A huge thanks also goes to Platinum Heritage ( for operating an awesome tour.