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Quick and easy logos

For years I tried finding ways to make attractive watermarks without forking out the money for a graphic designer and without messing around in photoshop. When I started building my website with, I came across their logo generator. To put it simply squarespace allows you to make a logo and save it as a PNG file that you can later use as a watermark on photos. 

Firstly, type into your url bar, enter your company name and hit enter.

You will then be directed to the design page where you can apply 2 lines of text and one of Squarespace's thousands of graphics.

From here you can download your logo. You have the option of a free, low-res design or a high-res copy which will cost you $10. Keep in mind that this is free if your website is hosted with Squarespace (but as if you needed another reason to join Squarespace).

I hope this post helps a little in finding the perfect logo for you. Also, if you need a little more control over your website or if you have any other digital design needs including programming, web or app development, is a great new developer company run out of Melbourne, Australia that is already smashing their projects.

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