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How to avoid a creative rut

As photographers and creatives we tend to occasionally fall into a slump. We lose all motivation to go out and create and we look down on our work as we compare to others. I myself used to fall into these ruts all the time until I figured out a couple of things that helped. For starters, you can't expect your photos to be fantastic and just how you saw someone else on the internet. A lot of editing goes into some of these photos.

As cliché as it sounds, we need to stop comparing ourselves to others. You need to do you. Shoot your photo’s, make your own work. The work that represents you and what you are proud of.

As for struggling to find motivation or a creative drive, immerse yourself in new surroundings. Take your time and slow the whole creative process down. Focus on yourself and how you create. This works best if you’re alone. Find your local walking trail or park, somewhere that you’ve never been and just create.

Expresssing yourself in another creative outlet also helps free you from these ruts. For me as a photographer, I go and fly my drone, make photos and videos and just fly around. For you this could be drawing or painting or singing or writing, Anything!

Be patient. There was a time where I couldn’t make nice backlit portraits. I soon realized that you cant backlight something in the middle of the day. I was too impatient to wait for the golden hour so I kept trying and trying, getting nowhere. Patience is key, you can’t rush art! 

Don't be afraid to do something differently. It's your art, just because a photographer that inspires you does something, doesn't at all mean that you have to do the same. Make your art. 

So there you have it, NOW GO OUT AND SHOOT. Thanks for stopping by!

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