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How a film series changed my outlook on life

If I were to show you a photo of how I have been feeling over the last 8 months it would look something along the lines of this. 

In all honesty, life has been pretty rough in some regards. But at the end of the day, my family and I live comfortably, I go to school everyday and I have a job. Things are pretty good right? But deep down some things don’t quite add up. They are getting better though. We all have our ups and downs. 

After a friend mentioned a video series called “Conflict” on Facebook I saw it pop up on I watched the series (actually I’ve watched it twice now and it has completely changed my outlook on things). The life we live, that we sometimes hate, is actually really great. Sure there are hard times and not everyone is equal but after seeing a series like this you really look at your situation and think “hey it’s not so bad afterall”. You can find Conflict on and on RedFitz' Vimeo and on RedFitz’ website

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Alek Hoskins