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Crop, is it really crap?

Crop, is it really crap?

A question I see all the time is if it is worth the money to upgrade to a full frame body or invest in glass for your apsc or dx body. Just under a year ago I went from shooting a Canon 60d to a 5d mkii. I will go over the pros and cons of upgrading and my final verdict. I was lucky enough to pick up my 5dmkii really cheap which made my decision easy. Do I regret it? There’s only one way to find out.


Pros to upgrading to full frame.

-       Much improved lowlight performance

-       Enhanced image quality

-       Better autofocusing (for the most part)

-       Better ergonomics for people with huge hands like me

Cons to upgrading to full frame

-       Lenses quickly get very expensive

-       Crop sensors are generally more forgiving to lower quality lenses because they have produce a lower quality image (in most cases)

-       With the above, there is a lot more lenses available as you can use full frame and crop lenses on crop bodies

-       CF cards used in most full frame cameras are sooo much more expensive than SD cards used by most crop bodies

With that I’ll say this, a lot of people don’t need the quality from a 35mm full frame sensor. If I had the choice between spending around $2400 for a canon 6d with a compatible lens vs spending that much on some crop lenses, well $2400 goes a long way especially for sigmas new f1.8 zooms. So with that, I would probably stick to crop and buy some lenses. 

At the end of the day, practice is more important than gear, always keep that in mind.

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