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My first week with the Phantom 3 Professional

I have owned my Phantom 3 Professional for just over a week now and I love it. I have slowly grown a preference to shooting with this rather than my canon 5dii. I don’t feel like I’ve owned it long enough to bring you an indepth review, so for now here is a short preview and my initial thoughts on the drone.

As I said above, I now prefer shooting from the air with the phantom than I do from the ground with a pro dslr. Obviously the image quality isn’t on the same level, but considering the sensor is almost a fifth of the size the quality is amazing. The phantoms 3.61mm lens struggles to render fine details when shot from a distance. This isn’t a huge issue as drone photos don’t tend to be viewed at 100% crop however I will post a 100% crop of a 4 shot panorama I shot yesterday morning. 

Here is the panorama, below is a screen shot of a 100% crop in Lightroom.

As you can see, details are not perfect, however this is barely noticeable in the full size image. (please note, the ghosting seen at the tops of some buildings is a result of my quick brushing, not a result of camera fault.)

These details are a very minor concern although it deserves a mention as one of the phantoms only faults that I have noticed thus far.

With all things considered, I am extremely happy with my Phantom 3 Professional’ performance so far, below is a small gallery of images I have shot in the last week both in Perth WA and Sydney. Expect a full indepth review soon including information on video quality and all the new features.


Alek Hoskins